How to:

  1. Logout if you have already opened your User Account.
  2. Login as follows:



Password:  trial

  1. Go to “Reports” and “Create Your Report” on the top navigation bar.
  2. To make your selection, you will be taken successively to:

    • Product Selection page: 3 products have tickboxes activated:

–  9.3     Powdered Desserts

–  14.4   Dried, Smoked & Salted Fish

–  18.22 Sparkling Wines

Note: Click the “D” next to each product for full definitions in 6 languages.

• Country Selection page: 7 countries have tickboxes activated.

• Market and Company Data Selection page:

–  Retail, Foodservice and Total Demand by Volume and Value

–  Company Market Shares and Brands

  1. Any combination of the above selections is possible.
  2. Procede to the shopping basket to produce your report in both pdf and excel.



Two possibilities:

  1. You can produce any sample you like with the Free Trial above. Since any report consists of standard tables filled in online from FFT’s Food & Drink Markets Database, your sample will be an exact example of your report, but for a different product.
    Note: For non-subscriber orders, all the demand and supply data are automatically provided (no selection possible as for subscribers).

  2. When you get to the Shopping Basket after selecting your report, you will find a “sample” link next to the proposed budget. This will produce a sample matching your report, but for a different product(s).