Subscriber Guide

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Full Subscriptions

Free access to the entire website is provided.

Partial Subscriptions

These are for example the Options 1, 2 and 3 Market Demand Only Subscriptions. When you log on to the FFT website as a Partial Subscriber, a new navbar menu "My Access" will appear. It will be offered two options:

(1) Subscription:  Access to Your Subscription

(2) Full Access:    Access to the Main Website to make orders outside your subscription coverage. Your standard rebate will be applied automatically to your order.

• Accessing your partial subscription:

Go to "Create My Report" on the "Reports menu". This will request you to make your selection of products, countries and data on successive pages. Tickboxes will be provided next to the items that are included in your subscription.

You will then proceed to the Shopping Basket (no charge) and then your selection will be produced in both pdf and excel, and listed under "My Reports" (see top navigation bar).