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Strategic Vision
An indispensable asset to your decision-making


FFT's International Food & Drink Market Database

Provides reliable data for 5000 country and product markets









First launched in 1989, FFT's online Food & Drink Markets database has long proven to be an indispensable tool for strategic decision-making, market planning, merger & acquisition analysis and much else in a wide range of industries active in or supplying the food & drink industry.

Coverage by Country and Product

     •  30 countries in North America, Europe and the BRIC countries.

     •  160+ product markets.

     •  5000 country & product markets.

     •  Customised subscriptions possible.


    •  Continuous updating ensures fully up-to-date data.

    •  The database has a near 30-year track record since 1989.


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 Market Supply - Company Data

     •  10,000 Company Profiles.

     •  25,000 Holding Company country & product market shares.

     •  Key subsidiaries.

     •  Branded, Unbranded, Own Label and Artisanal market shares.

     •  30,000 brands listed by company, product and country.

 Market Demand Data

     • Retail, foodservice and total demand data

     • Volume and Value (Euros or US dollars)

     • 5-year historical growth and 3-year forecasts *

     • Per Capita Consumption (Year 1, Year 5, and 5-year growth) *

     • Per Capita Expenditure (last historical year)

     • Local currency equivalents (last historical year)

      * For Total Demand data only.