Corporate advisory for the international food and drink industry

We are a one-stop-shop corporate advisory going well beyond strategy consultancy and market research.

We deploy our experience accumulated through researching and advising the food, drink and packaging markets since 1989.

Our team includes consultants with financial experience who can work side by side with the customer throughout the entire business development process and through to mergers and acquisitions.

This ensures a smooth transition from strategy consulting to implementation and reduces dramatically the customers' advisory fees.

We work together with our clients, as opposed to working for the client.

Our core skills below are uniquely deployed for the customers' needs. We even match our fees to the clients' roadmap.

   1. Strategy Consultancy
   2. Market Research
   3. Finance
   4. Knowledge of the food, drinks and packaging industries

Our corporate advisory can be tailored product-wise, geographically and/or with respect to our involvement in the business development and due diligence process.

Our customers may want to browse through the off-the-shelf European food and drink country market research as a starting point, or they may want to focus on the North American region. Likewise, the product-focused customers can browse our product-specific market research categories.

We deepen the market research analysis by leaning to our industry sources and accumulated experience.

Thereafter we are able to offer bespoke strategy consulting.

We proceed to analyzing various investment opportunities by looking at the available market potential, entry methods, capital requirements.

We conduct full-scale financial analysis and valuation and move on to implementing the chosen strategy by contacting and negotiating with potential M&A targets.

Alternatively, our customers may want to retain us as due-diligence corporate advisors to fit into their own business development process.

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